Sunday, August 17, 2008


Well I thought I would start my own blog so family and friends could keep up to date with our family and my crazy new hobbies (which are now many thanks to this wonderful forum.

My daughter was born on 4th April 2008. I always wanted to knit , sew etc but never had the time or inspiration to do it. Cara is a really good baby so I found myself with more spare time than I had originally thought I would have.

We have used cloth nappies since she was born but I was not happy with the fit, we brought some Pea Pods with the bamboo liners which are a fab nappy but the liners take forever to dry, I knew that some liners were made out of hemp, so I started to search for hemp fabric to make up some of my own liners. Well, this is when my new journey started. I discovered this place and my life has not been the same since. I needed to buy more pockets as we only had six and I really did not want to use our original nappies. My darling partner was the silly one to suggest that I try and make my own (it's all his fault :)). Greenbeans had a section for making your own, I followed the link and discovered TNN (The Nappy Network for those who do not know) and my life will never be the same.

The women on this forum are amazing, they are so creative and are quite happy to share patterns etc, well this was all I needed. I have since knitted two hats and a pair of slippers for Cara. Made 3 nappies, a skirt for myself (well nearly - not quite finished) and a knitting needle roll to hold all my new needles. My list of projects is now endless, and I will try and work through it and keep this blog up to date.

I will also update with Cara's pics etc as time goes on so everyone can keep up to date with her amazing growth etc. It amazes me that each day with this little (or not so little :)) bundle of joy, she discovers something new each day and it is so rewarding for Aaron and myself. We are truly lucky to have such an amazing little person.

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