Monday, October 18, 2010

Book Review - A Home Companion by Wendyl Nissen

I couldn't help myself and purchased this book on Saturday and have read it already hehe. It's flippin fantastic, I love how it is written and can relate to nearly everything in the book.

Most books I've got out from the library on a lot of subjects Wendyl covers are down right boring and I lose interest very very quickly. This book however was in my hands everytime I sat down from making up orders over the weekend or digging in the garden. I went to bed early so I could read it and read it over breakfast in the morning.

I plan on re-reading it over this weekend coming and I think that each month for the next year I am going to follow what Wendyl has done, not necessarily to the letter but will change a few things each month. So many of the things she has done in this book are on my 'to do' list anyway so why not?

That's what I love about how this book is written, each chapter is a new month and will cover a few different topics. Very easy to read and has some really funny bits in it.

If you don't know what you want for Christmas and are sick of all the toxins that seem to make it into the house and into our bodies then this is a must have for you.

Right now off to find where I can get a few of the ingredients she uses :)


Joanne said...

Great review - I'll have to check it out. Have you signed up for her weekly newsletter?
The link is from her web site

Megan said...

I really enjoyed her first book 'domestic goddess on a budget'- i've been eyeing this one up too, might have to treat myself after your review! do you get her newsletter emails form her green goddess website? they are great too :)

Anonymous said...

Her website is fantastic. I must check my library for her books. SHe makes the topic so much more fun than most green/eco books.

Anonymous said...

Hi There,

I found your blog when I was trying to find a link to Wendyl Nissens book. I got to hear her speak about her book on Wednesday and it was awesome. I started her book on Wednesday and ffinished it yesterday. I loved checking out your blog and looking at your creativity.