Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cara's first trip to the Zoo

Well we decided to become 'Friends of the Zoo' again as it is such great value, and since Cara is free until she is 4 it's even better.

She loved it, but was shattered. She saw Giraffe's, Elephants, Cheetah's, Lions, Zebra's and the Tiger's. We waited around for the Tiger cubs to come out, but by then she was pretty tired. Although she was more interested in the people than most of the animals, but it will come. We love going anyway, so it's all good.

Here are some pics:

Cara sitting in the dragon

Cara checking out a Giraffe

and now an elephant

Watching a Cheetah eat it's grub

One of the Tiger cubs - too cute

and the Dad

Oh yeah and I have actually been busy sewing and knitting, I just haven't finished any projects completely. Once done I will try and remember to post it on here :)

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