Monday, January 12, 2009

Catching Up

Blimey I am so far behind with this blog now, I need to make sure I post something each day to catch up.

I have just been working on a list of Eco-Friendly resolutions for this year, I thought we had a long way to go, then when I started making a list, we actually accomplished an awful lot last year without realising it.

Last year we
1. Started a compost bin
2. Planted a vege garden
3. Made our own cloth nappies and are down to one disposable only at night
4. Sold our big gas guzzlers and now only have one car
5. Stopped using rubbish bags and now have a bin
6. Put up two clothes lines so that we don't use the dryer all the time like we used to
7. Recycle all our paper
8. Put draught stop around all of our windows to make heating the house in winter more efficient
9. Started making my own face cleanser etc
10. Make our own bread most of the time
11. Make all our own muffins, muesli bars etc
12. Started to buy only free range eggs

This year we want to:
1. Start a worm farm (am 1/2 way through making it)
2. Make more nappies and get Cara into cloth full time (overnight)
3. Plant more berries and get the vege garden producing all year round
4. Start making our own soap
5. Use less plastic bags when shopping
6. Work out our menu plans better so we only have to go to the supermarket once a month
7. Check out our local Farmers Market to see what they have there now
8. Check out the organic butchers down the road
9. Make more of Cara's clothes

Most of this will be done over the next couple of months.

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Anonymous said...

I'm hoping to do a few more of these things this year. I really would love a dryer though in winter. Towels+winter=dampdampdamp