Monday, March 16, 2009

Pincushion Swap

I am so addicted to swaps at the moment on TNN, I love everything about them. The anticipation when waiting for my recipient to receive what I have sent them is fantastic. Also I'm sure our postie will think I have the hots for him, lurking around the mail box each day until I receive my parcel. Just as well madam likes to check the mail as well, poor wee girl spends a fair bit of time in the front section stalking with me.

The latest swap was for Pincushions (well duh, what does my title say).

Here is the one I sent

My sewing skills are still quite amateur, but my recipient was quite pleased with them so that's all that matters. For the square pincushion I used this pattern. It's a very easy pincushion to make.

The wrist band I just made up. Not too hard really, just a stuffed rectangle, a bit of elastic and some contrasting fabric to cover the elastic and presto and wrist band pin cushion :)

And here is what I received:

It's a nice big pincushion in some really funky fabric, and a wee bottle cap pincushion which is super handy.

Thanks so much to my sender, whoever you are. Still need to investigate a bit to see if I can find out.

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Heart Felt said...

That would be exciting....nice job, love the fabric. x