Sunday, June 7, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

This week has been super busy. I finished off a couple of sheepskin slippers for friends, I didn't knit them myself, just attached them to the sheepskin but forgot to take photo's, duh.

Next was a wee dress for Cara to wear to a first birthday party. I love it, it's just the cutest dress and she looks adorable. I haven't really dressed her in anything other than shorts and pants, but now she is walking I can start making little dresses for her. I'm extremely excited about this, although I have a funny feeling that while I will be dressed in rags, Little Miss will be dressed in my fantastic creations because any spare cash we get will be spent on fabric (or yarn of course LOL).

Then it was onto a birthday present for Cara's little friend. We have known him since he was six weeks old and I have become quite good friends with his mum. He is the total opposite to Cara, very quite and subdued, well compared to Cara anyway, she always seems to be the life of the party and certainly goes about her business regardless of what is happening around her. Cracks us up. I originally wanted to knit him a Peter Rabbit doll but couldn't find the correct colours in yarn and it would have ended up quite expensive as well so I ended up making a little art bag and crayon roll. I threw a packet of giant chalk into the bag as well and pleased I did, it turned out to be the perfect gift since he got an easel for his birthday. Once side is a chalk board, the other has clips to attach paper for drawing/painting.

Last night I ended up casting on something for myself, waaaahooooooo. I've sussed out DPN's and cables and am knitting this pattern. I added a few extra sets of cables before I started the thumb gusset just to make them a bit longer. One is nearly finished, just need to finish off the thumb. Was a pretty quick knit and I can't wait to wear them.

I've also made a reversible dressing gown for Cara. This was so quick to make and she is so nice an toasty in the mornings.

That's it for now :)

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