Monday, October 12, 2009

Beth and Jo

Over the past couple of months I have finished a couple of test knits for the lovely Kelly.

Kelly's patterns are amazing and so easy to follow. I was tested a few times with new techniques, but because the instructions are so clear I didn't have any problems sorting them out.

The two knits I tested are part of a series called 'The March Sisters'. There are four patterns in total. I tested Beth and Jo, there are two others called Amy & Meg.

The pattern is due for release shortly, and is well worth the pennies.

This is Beth

This is Jo

Sorry Kelly, I desperately need to get better photo's of Jo.



Anonymous said...

Cara is so gorgeous Jo!

nova_j said...

ohhh very cute! if only i had a wee girl to knit a set for! (but 4 of those in sz4 would take me all year! and my boy has already got a lacy sock ;) ) and ditto what kelly said too!