Saturday, October 10, 2009

Felt Needle Case Tutorial

Tired of always losing your sewing needles, well now you can easily make a felt needle case with a few pieces of felt and wee bit of hand sewing.

Materials Needed:

2 x 7" x 5" pieces of Felt
1 x 5" x 5" piece of Felt
1 x 12" Ribbon
Ribbon or Felt for Flower Stem
Felt for making flower, leaves and grass or whatever you desire
Embroidery Thread
Sewing Needle

1. Cut out all your pieces above. Here is a template for the flower

2. On one piece of 7 x 5" piece of felt, place the two flowers on top of each other and sew the button on
3. I cheated and glued the flower stem and grass on
4. Stitch around the flower, place leaves where you want them and
stitch these into place

5. Lay your 2nd piece of 7" x 5" piece of felt down and position your 5" x 5" piece in the middle. Sew down the centre of these. Note you are only sewing through two pieces of felt. Lay the piece you have sewn the flower onto face down, place the other piece of 7" x 5" with the 5" x 5" facing up on top. Centre your ribbon on either side and place between the two 7" x 5" pieces of felt.

Your needlecase will now look like this:

6. Blanket stitch around the whole case, be careful not to blanket stitch through the 5" x 5" piece of felt, you want this to be free to give you a couple of extra pages for your needles.

That's it your done

Enjoy :)


Flea said...

Gorgeous.....must add to ever growing list :)

The Craft Gypsy said...

Very cute Jo. Quick question, in the 2nd last pic have you stitched down the centre to hold all the pieces together? Is the green piece like a 'page' and not blanket stitched to the edge?

nova_j said...

ohh very cute!

Bellgirl said...

This is gorgeous! It would be just the thing to add to a little girl's sewing kit.