Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Love Etsy

I have a confession and I bet a lot of you lovelies are the same. I spend a stupid amount of time looking up patterns on Etsy

I've been browsing for patterns for Christmas presents, swap presents and just because!

Here are some of the patterns I WILL purchase:

Art Caddy Tote

Colours Quiet Book

Embroidered Storybook Panels

Nesting Dolls

The Ashling Tote

Hope you liked at least one of these patterns :)

Sorry there hasn't been any photo's from me, I will try and post some of what we have been up to this weekend tomorrow.



Sam said...

wow that colours book is great!

Anonymous said...

Another one who loves the colour book!

nova_j said...

oo love the nesting dolls!!