Friday, October 2, 2009

My Crafty 'To Do' List for October

I thought I would write this list so I can tick off as I go and get the job completed. Bit scary when I look at it, and there are a few more that I will need to add as I think of them, but as long as I get through them, I'm happy.

1. Finish off the 6 birthday presents for this Sunday (4th October 2009)
2. Finish off Milo and block
3. Knit test knit for Rachel
4. Finish off Summerlin for Miss C
5. Make another Summerlin for Miss C
6. Make Shorts for Miss C
7. Make Pants for Miss C
8. Make a couple of dresses for Miss C
9. Set up Etsy account
10. Release Needlecase pattern for Sale
11. Make up some Needlecases to sell
12. Make hand cream and soaps
13. Dye yarn

That's all I can think of at the moment.

I thought I would post this now, since I missed yesterday for Blogtoberfest because I didn't know about it then LOL



Rainbow Child said...

Thats a pretty impressive list JO!
Can i be chealy and request a needle case in advance ;)?

Kate said...

Wow Jo!!! That's a list and a half! Can't wait to see your needlecase. :-) Kate

Kylie said...

Good luck with the list - I am on my way on the list that I made (doing it ofer a month and a bit though - with moving and stress it is good to have a plan:)