Sunday, November 29, 2009

Favourite Yarn Book Swap

I've recently participated in another yarn swap on The Nappy Network.

The theme for this one was as the title suggests, we chose a favourite book and the swap fairy could interpret it any way they please.

The book I suggested was from the series by Terry Goodkind - The Sword of Truth. My swap fairy chose the theme, PS I Love You which is exactly what the two main characters go through. Can't explain it on here too much as it is quite involved.

There are two patterns for knitting my first pair of socks, and a pattern for a cat sweater, this made me giggle. I can just see our cats face if I tried to put this on her LOL. So the yarn will most definitely be made into socks.

My present is a stunning WIP bag in some really lovely fabric, a set of gorgeous stitch markers with wee hearts and a wee Photo Magnet to put a photo of our monkey in for the fridge.

The yarn is Vintage Purls Sock Yarn Hand Steamed/Pot Dyed with powdered food colourings in deep passion blend of blue, purple and Snippets of Red (Snippets is a total giveaway LOL)

This totally wonderful package was put together by the lovely Sam from Sams Snippets. Didn't Sam do an amazing job.

Watch this space for my first pair of socks.



Amber said...

Wow! I love those stitch markers!

Sam said...

aww shucks ;)

glad you love it - can't wait to see the socks .. a more organinsed me would have got you needles too ;)