Sunday, February 7, 2010

Garden Update

We have been eating fresh veges for weeks now and it has been fantastic but our pride and joy is the Giant Pumpkin Cara and I planted. The one pumpkin I let grow is huge and is the talking point of the neighbourhood. So much so that we got to meet some neighbours that recently moved in recently but were a bit shy, but their kids wanted to check out the pumpkin :).

Cara and I planting the little seedling back in Oct 09

Progress Dec 09

New Beginnings Jan 09

To OMG Feb 09

This pumpkin grew at such an alarming rate. There were a couple more but I trimmed the plant back because it was taking over the lawn. The most unfortunate thing about this pumpkin is that it is not edible unless used in Pumpkin Pie which we don't eat, so I guess it will become compost. Must remember to keep some seeds for next year, but throw the rest out. I don't really want pumpkins popping up all over the garden :)



humel said...

Wow! Good for you :-) I kill plants :-( And what a great way to meet new people lol!!

Natalie said...

Nice pumpkin!! Pumpkin Pie is great its a shame you dont live closer lol I would take it off your hands instead of it becoming compost! Keep up the great work :D

perches said...

I love how she grows through time with the pumpkin! Great pictures. Can you use the pumpkin to make soup or pumpkin butter?

Heart Felt said...

Wow, that is huge...fantastic pic. xx

Rainbow Child said...

pretty impressive Jo!!!! but why isnt it edible?