Friday, July 30, 2010

Felted Juggling Balls

Last weekend we decided to felt some juggling balls. It was a family affair and we all did it together. I used this tutorial but put white fleece over first, then the coloured fleece. I was going from memory so had forgotten how this blog applied their fleece, so will make some more this weekend.

This was so much fun and I recommend everyone give it ago. These balls have been constantly played with all week.


Pipi said...

Wow they look so cool! Well done, love the dress on Cara :)

Julia said...

Awesome! I've been wondering about destashing all my fibre as I don't know when I'll ever get the chance to spin...but they look great! In fact, I have a wee girl's 1st birthday coming up in a week, would they be suitable for a little girl?

humel said...

These look so fun :-)

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

Oh i love them, and your little one is such a cutie pie Jo!

Would love it if you added them to my Free Toy Tutes

They look like sooo much fun!

Kate said...

That is such a brilliant idea! I have a bit of a thing about felting smell though. Yours look gorgeous.
I love that little knitted dress too. X

angelina said...

morning jo, thanks for the quilt love ! i love your felting...i would like to try the felt balls, i did one and it didnt turn out oh so well..but your method of yarn underneath seems to make better balls. looks like fun with the kids too! i LoVE your needle case, i am desperately in need of one, my needles are scattered everYWHERe. drives me batty. i like the little peeking window. ive looked at patterns to make my own..but they never look 'sturdy'. butyours does. is it oilcloth or vinyl you used?

Sally said...

Brilliant! That looks like so much fun. I absolutely adore the juggling action shot - BRAVO!

christina said...

They came out great!!
This is one of our favorite crafts to do..
:) Christina