Saturday, July 24, 2010

Felting with the Little Person

Last Tuesday I did some felting with my little monkey, it was such a dark and horrid day that thought it would be fun to bring some colour into our day.

I was inspired by this post on Childhood Magics blog (oh how I love this blog) and followed the same tutorial that she did.

I have never done this kind of felting, but had roving floating around (as you do LOL). I had an old bamboo blind that was sitting in our rubbish pile that's destined for the tip so cut a bit off it to use in the felting process.

While I did have to do the bulk of the felting process because I wasn't 100% sure what we were going, we still had alot of fun.

Here is some highlights (sorry about the dark photo's):

Please click on the mosaic to view it better

I plan on doing some more felting with the little person to make some juggling balls :) next week oh and maybe some felt beads.

Have a fantastic day


Sally said...

So lovely to craft together. Looking forward to seeing some action juggling shots ;)

humel said...

Looks fab - I'd love to give this a try some time! I'm doing lots of craft with The Girl now the school's broken up for summer :-)

Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun!

And juggling balls are a great idea.

Rainbow Child said...

awsome! what a great idea