Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm Back!

Well I gave myself a self imposed bloggy break, mainly due to a computer that is running like a dog at the moment, but I also needed to sort out a few other things.

I need to apologise first to the lovely ladies that I participated in a pincushion swap with, I haven't posted about the amazing goodies I received yet. All I can say is I am very very sorry and I will do this over the next couple of days.

Now, for what I have been up to. You know it's one of those jobs that shouldn't take so long, but does and after a few mistakes is put onto the back burner for a wee bit, then finally started coming together today.

I've been setting myself up to start selling various goodies. I will mainly have sewing and knitting accessories, but there is also some kiddies toys and some household items. Of course there will be new items added as I make them too.

Over the next wee while I will be updating my Felt Store with some of these various goodies, so keep an eye out. You never know there might just be something that takes your fancy.

I also have a lot of crafty goodness to catch up on, so will endeavour to do this over the next week, so you all can see what I have been up too.

Just a wee teaser of some buttons I will be listing

I must say I have really missed catching up on all the lovely blogs I follow, so I can see that in the very near future a lot of tea will be drunk as I plop myself in front of the lappy to catch up with what's been going on in bloggyland :)


Kylie said...

Welcome back Jo - the buttons look lovely.

Anonymous said...

Love your work as always. Great to see you back on the blogging wagon again.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous buttons Jo !!!

imba said...

Hiya. Good to see you back :-) Great buttons - yummy fabric!

humel said...

Welcome back! And good for you :-) Those buttons look YUMMY xx

Lyn said...

Love, love the buttons!
The choice of fabrics are super cute :)