Friday, July 16, 2010

Waldorf Doll Sew Along - Who's keen?

I've have been thinking of starting a sew-along to make Waldorf dolls for our little people in time for Christmas. I've just made a few notes on how it could be run, I'm wanting to check though to see who would be keen.

Check out this cuteness from some amazing crafters, these dolls are my inspiration, please click on the links below to see who has made them :)

1. Little Miss Lilly, 2. Gabby, 3. Custom made Waldorf Doll, 4. Wiesenelfchen - Fairy flying into Spring, 5. Ben the little waldorf doll, 6. Madison the little waldorf doll, 7. Lenabag, 8. Lenashoes

This is what I have come up with so far:

Sign up's will start ASAP and close at the end of July.

In August, each week will be a new theme for everyone to post about.

Week 1 - Supply Sources - both online and local suppliers
Week 2 - Links to tutorials online or anything else you may have found that would be helpful
Week 3 - Confirm that supplies have been ordered or post about anything else you think might be useful
Week 4 - Show us your supplies, links to inspiration etc.

Then in September I will post each week on how I am going with photo tutorials of what I have made. A friend of mine wants to have a doll making day, so I can include photo's from this too. You can then link to your blog on your progress updates as well, then at the end of Sept/Oct have a big reveal of all our beautiful dolls.

I think it would be awesome to cover everything, from making the actual body, through to hair styles to clothing.

So, what do you think? Would you be keen to join me?


Cadi said...

I'd love to join. Little Bean is due in August, but I will try to make it work. :-)

Sign me up!

Seaside Siblings said...

I can't believe you posted this, as I was just thinking today that I would love to try making a waldolf doll, so count me in :-)

Stella said...

Snap! I was looking at my craft supplies today and thinking that it was about time I made my first Steiner doll for my little bub... Yay!

Kylie said...

YOu have twisted my arm - think that I will make a boy one:)

humel said...

It looks amazing and I will follow with interest, but sadly won't be able to join in. I shall enjoy it all vicariously instead!

PS Love the new look blog xx

Julia said...

You can tell me if this is really stupid Jo, but can they be handsewn? I don't have a machine and don't trust myself with one, but I can really imagine Penny playing with one of those!

nova_j said...

this probably makes me certifiable, but yeah ok lol.. but i'll just be doing a baby one :) my previous attempt was a bit.. not perfect shall we say!

hey julia- handsewn is much more authentic actually! :) but i'll be machining it :P

Rainbow Child said...

oh they look just beautiful!!!!!

no machine here either and no little girls!!!!
Flyn is all reayd getting a cabbage patch doll for his birthday so not sure how many dolls is too many for a boy? :P


Sally said...

I've been thinking about whether or not I'll join in all weekend... I really want to... but I'm goin to pass as there are so many other projects I've got on the go.
I'll be watching keenly though learning from you all.

Anonymous said...

How fun! I've been thinking about making a doll for me Bebe and maybe his cousins, too. This is the perfect push to get me going. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I'm very very tempted....

It would be fun sewing along with others. Thanks for hosting....I'm thinking of joining :-)