Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Feathered Friends

We finally have our chooks, or rather a hen and 10 chicks :)

A friend of mine rang last Thursday and said they could get us a hen and 10 chicks. At first we said 'no thanks' as we really wanted point of lays, but then decided to go for it as it would be pretty cool for Cara.

One problem though, we had no coop and no area secured for them. Because of where we live and the fact they will reside in the front section we needed to make sure they were nice and safe.

Luckily Aaron was able to borrow his work ute so we could pick up wood and get cracking. It was a very busy weekend and the coop isn't finished but we have a decent size run and had to fudge it a wee bit on Sunday afternoon so we could pick them up.

Oh boy, they have totally stolen our hearts. Here's why

The mum is a Light Sussex and the chicks are anyone's guess. The farm they came from has a few different roosters. We have named the mum 'Betsy', chicks are not named at the moment. We are going to try and wait to see what sex they are before we do this.

I can't wait to get our own eggs, there's just something about fresh eggs that make my heart (or rather tummy) sing.

Now I just need a bigger property :)


Cat B said...

Jo we have a spare cage/run here which you are welcome to borrow if needed. We'll need it back in about 2 ish weeks when our girls go clucky and we get our fertilized eggs. LMK xxx
Welcome to backyard poultry - it is the best xxx

Becky said...

I love them! I only have 3 Isa Browns and am looking forward to getting new chooks for the orchard soon.