Friday, March 16, 2012

The Best Handcream Ever!!!

Coming up to 3 years ago now I found this recipe for Handcream, it looked fairly easy so I gave it ago. I have not purchased any other handcream since, it's AWESOME. I've converted a number of friends now to using it and it's had rave reviews from them.

100ml Olive Oil (I'm pretty sure you would be able to use other oils for this. No harm in trying!)
100ml Almond Oil

40gm Beeswax (I use Beeswax Pellets)
150ml Floral Water (I use Lavender)
2 pinches of borax or citric acid
2 x 250ml containers

Melt beeswax in 100ml of almond oil (in a double boiler) then take off heat and stir in the olive oil. It will go white as the cold oil hits the warm oil but just keep mixing and it will all blend together.

Also heat in a seperate double boiler the floral water and borax until it's hot too touch then take off the heat.

Using a stick blender gradually add the OIL to the WATER in a slow narrow stream. Do this part very slowly and make sure you do it in the right order.

Mix until it's the consistancy of a thick cream then add your essential oils.

Pop into a 250ml container and LEAVE THE LID OFF until it has cooled completely

That's it, seriously!!

Some things you need to know about this cream:
- The mixing time will depend on the weather, if it's really hot and humid I cheat and pop the bowl into the fridge for a few minutes to quicken up the setting process.

This cream will only last a few months due to the fact it's not loaded with heaps of crap :), but in saying that I have had pots last over six months until I finished it.

If the oil starts to seperate just mix it all in together again

This is not the sort of cream you can slab on and run out of the door. It is quite greasy compared to store brought creams so give it a few minutes to soak in but my god your skin will love you forever for using it.

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