Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Well today I finally got the wool wound up that I dyed the other day. I was a bit afraid of doing it manually, but to be honest it was quite relaxing. I love the colours and will start by knitting some soakers for Cara. I dyed 200gms, so should be able to get a couple of things made out of it. I can't wait to get some cake dye's and dye some more wool. I knew that knitting would be a top passion of mine when I started a few weeks ago, but more so now that I know how to dye my own wool.

I also dyed some flannette yesterday to make some mama pads. Not sure if flannette will work, but it was fun dyeing it anyway.

Well we had a busy weekend here. The weather was pretty good, so both Aaron and I got stuck into the garden when Cara was in bed. She was out with us for a little while, but it was still a bit windy and I didn't want her out for too long. We dug up the garden on one side of the deck and Aaron built a 3m x 1.3m trough to make a vege garden. We are going to put trellis on the back to grow beans etc. I am totally new to growing my own veges so this will be a whole new experience for us. I placed an order with a friend in the weekend for 2m3 of bark as well to tidy up the rest of the garden. God it needs it. I didn't get much done last summer (being pregnant and all) and we concentrated on getting the house done, so this spring/summer the garden will be sorted and hopefully we will finally get the outside of the house painted. I am so sick of it being half done.

Cara slept through last night. Yippee. We will see what happens again tonight. She did wake up a few times, but settled again once she got the dummy. I have found that when her teeth are bad, she is pretty good as long as she has her dummy. If her teeth are playing up, she doesn't need it so much.

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Anonymous said...

Your dyeing loooks great..well done!