Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cara's 1st Year :)

I still can't believe that Cara is one. I promised myself weeks ago that I would endeavour to blog more often so that I would keep things up to date, but alas I slipped behind yet again. So I am going to make Friday mornings my day for blogging. If I do it every Friday I won't fall behind.

Anyway back to the topic of Cara. On the 4th April 08 I was wondering if the little (or not so little at 10 pounds 1 oz) was ever going to make an appearance. I was induced on the Thursday (3rd) morning, but madam was stubborn (and still is I might add)and was not playing the game. She was too comfortable where she was, and no matter what was done to me, she was not budging. Contractions did start at about 5pm on Thursday, and not only was she posterior, she was not budging. At 3pm the following afternoon the specialist gave me an option to try for another 2 hours, then have a C Section or opt for one then. He told me they were worried because of her size that she would get stuck, so by 3:30pm I wanted her out. At 4:14pm on the 4th we first got a glimpse of our beautiful baby girl.

A couple of hours old, crashed out

1/2 an hour old with Dad

Well she was a character from the start. Totally not impressed with the pink hat at all. She was strong from day one, in fact she pulled a heap of my hair out when she was place on me straight after birth, cheeky monkey.

Chilling with Mum, 2 weeks old

Being cheeky at 4 weeks

Showing her true colours again at 4 weeks

3 months

6 months

7 1/2 months

8 1/2 months

10 months

10 months

And finally Cara on her 1st Birthday

Opening her pressies

Picking a flower off her cake

The cake and cupcakes, I am really proud of this, it's my first ever cake and cupcakes and I am pretty darn proud of it :)

We had a really awesome day, but boy were we tired by the end of it hehe


Heart Felt said...

what a happy day....she was a beautiful new born for sure. Love the green icing on the cupcakes and cake! Happy Birthday Cara.

sweetp said...

O.M.G at that cake. wow wow wow!!!

Happy Birthday little miss. (bit late huh)

We have similar tastes in music, every song that loads up here is one of my favourites lol