Saturday, September 26, 2009

Colour Swap Part 1

Recently I participated in a Colour Swap on a forum I am on. The criteria was you chose a colour, who you wanted the swap to be made for and it was then up to your swap fairy to make up a package based on this colour.

I was very lucky to receive Julia's two kidlets. As soon as I was given their names, I set about finding the perfect gift to make. I remembered reading not so long ago how her daughter loved to go about the garden searching for fairies. Well that was easy, I had recently read on another blog by Jacqui about a present that was made for a wee girl. I followed the links from this blog to the tutorials (except for the tutu - see previous post) and was all set to get started.

Here is my effort

For her wee boy she wanted something that he could call his own. I've discovered that it is quite hard to sew for a boy, girls are so easy, but boys, not so much.

Here is what I made for her boy:

The taggy ball has a cat toy of all things in the middle so it rattles and the elephants ears have crinkly paper in as well.

I am quite pleased with how everything turned out. Just as well, it turned out that Julia was also sending to me. I am blown away by her fablous gifts. I need to take some better photo's of them, so watch out for part 2.



Sam said...

Goodness your talented!

love the wee elephant! and Felt crown Very sweet

Julia said...

Oh your photos are SOOOOO much better than the ones I took! Thanks again too, they are all hits!

Hey, you forgot those stitch markers! They are lovely! Thanks again hun

Rainbow Child said...

wholey moley, those are AMAZING gifts, well done! especially love the crown and wand :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely in love with that elephant! go Jo!

perches said...

oh, the boylet's toys are adorable, adorable work. great job, mama :)