Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Wee Flower

Last weekend we had a first birthday party to go to, it was a dress up party and the theme was 'The Garden'. Originally I was going to dress Cara as a fairy, but the last time I put wings on her, she looked like a dog chasing it's tale LOL so I decided on a flower instead.

This was super quick to make. I used this tutorial. This is an incredibly easy way to make tutu's. I then cut out some leaves and petals out of felt. Sewed them on, added some ribbon and that was it. Couldn't believe it. I had made my first costume for Cara in a matter of a few hours.

No alcohol was consumed by little miss

I had no idea how much fun making costumes is, I now have visions of a box dress up box for all the kiddies to play with. Can't wait :)

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Anonymous said...

oh, that is such an adorable fairy costume - and she makes a wonderful wee fairy. great color choices.