Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dolls Quilt

For Christmas I knew our little munchkin was getting a doll from her cousins, so I wanted to make a dolls quilt for her. I have never quilted before and was a tad nervous about it, but I managed it and loved it. Of course there were a few speed bumps and ALOT of unpicking in the beginning, but a good friend of mine lent me her walking foot and my life suddenly before alot easier (with much less swear words).

In use

I can see that quilting is going to be very addictive, I'm already planning my next project.



Sally said...

Great choice of starter project... I have a similar plans but since I gather that quilting is rather addictive have been putting off the plunge until I knock over a couple of other projects.
Your quilt is wonderful ... and that gorgeous little one holding her dolly all wrapped up is ADORABLE!!!

Anonymous said...

Thats stunning! Lucky C

humel said...

Oh, it's beautiful - clever you :-)

Julia said...

AAawwww! Love that last pic - and you are just too clever Jo! Well done :)

Rebecca said...

Oh how gorgeous your wee girl is, a very cute little mummy. The quilt is wonderful, well done. I'm still doing my first quilt, a cot quilt for our little girl. I planned to finish it for her six month birthday, now she's nine months old hehe. I'm a bit hesitant to begin quilting. I think I need a walking foot for my machine too.

perches said...

I love it! The colors are just lovely. Great work :)