Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fabric Napkins

For Christmas this year I decided to make a heap of fabric napkins. As a household we are trying to cut down our wastage and because we were having Christmas here I wanted to be as green as possible.

In the past we have had plastic plates etc and end up with bags of rubbish to go out on rubbish day. Not this year! I made sure we had enough plates and cutlery to use. I also spent a few hours at my machine making fabric napkins.

These ones were a gift for my Mum and Dad :)

These are so simple to make, but do use a quite a bit of fabric. If you are interested in making some for yourself, the pattern can be found here

Also if you really want to cheat and make this a super quick project, buy a charm pack of pre-cut fabric squares. I think I'm in love with them LOL



Rainbow Child said...

they r gorgeous Jo!

Sally said...

Great idea - and so stylish too!

perches said...

They're beautiful! I'll try making some next week, once we dig out from all of this crazy snow...