Thursday, April 8, 2010

99 Things...

I nicked this off Mel's fabulous blog and thought I would fill it out too

Started your own blog - umm yip LOL

Slept under the stars - Many many moons ago yes, on more than one occasion.

Played in a band - Nope, always thought it would be pretty cool but I totally suck at reading music

Visited Hawaii - unfortunately not, would love to though

Watched a meteor shower - that would be awesome, but sadly no

Given more than you can afford to charity - yes, but also given things that I could easily sell on but gave away instead. In fact the Sallies were here on Tues picking up boxes of stuff, plus gave a heap of clothes to refugees last week.

Been to Disneyworld - nope and probably won't either

Climbed a mountain - yes, not a very big one mind you :)

Held a praying mantis - regularly, damn things always make it into the house

Sang a solo - no way

Bungee jumped - again, no way. People that do this are nuts!

Visited Paris - Sure have, although it was very brief

Watched a lightening storm - Sure have, I love lightening storms.

Taught yourself an art from scratch - yes, lots

Adopted a child - nope

Had food poisoning - I think so

Walked to the top of The Statue Of Liberty - nope

Grown your own veg - yes for the past couple of years

Seen the Mona Lisa in France - nope

Slept on an overnight train - yes, well tried to anyway, very noisy

Had a pillow fight - Of course!

Hitch hiked - unfortunately yes, many times

Taken a sick day when you're not ill - yes heaps, wish I could take them now too LOL.

Built a snow fort - Only seen snow once, so no

Held a lamb - yes heaps, I live in NZ ;)

Gone skinnydipping - yes, scary thought now though LOL

Run a marathon - nope, but would like too one day

Ridden in a gondola in Venice - we should have, regret that we didn't but decided to go visit one of the other islands instead which was pretty cool. Was on a tour so time was limited.

Seen a total eclipse - I think so, I can remember something happening when I was in Primary School and it was a big thing, but can't remember if it was a total eclipse or partial.

Watched a sunrise or sunset - All the time, sunsets at the beach are the best

Hit a home run - LOL nope

Been on a cruise - no, would love to though.

Seen Niagara Falls in person - nope

Visited the birthplace of your ancestors - didn't actually visit the actual town, but visited the country

Seen an Amish community - nope

Taught yourself a new language - no, I'm crap at learning another language

Had enough money to be truly satisfied - I guess this depends on what you think is being truly satisfied. I believe we all want for something in our lives that we don't necessarily have.

Seen the Tower Of Pisa in person - Sure have :)

Gone rock climbing - only a little climb, nothing like you see on the TV, mad people

Seen Michelangelo's David - Could have while on tour in Europe but decided to go visit a Palace instead and so pleased we did, got the most amazing views of the country side.

Sung Karaoke - yes but only when extremely drunk

Seen Old Faithful - well considering I needed to look up where this was - no.

Bought a stranger a meal in a restaurant - um no

Visited Africa - no but would love to

Walked on a beach by moonlight - yes, done many things on the beach by moonlight - possibly that was too much information LOL

Been transported in an ambulance - no

Had your portrait painted - no

Gone deep sea fishing - yes

Been to the top of the Eiffel Tower - unfortunately not, we tried to go one night but got there too late and the last trip up had just left. Very very bummed about that. Really wanted to see the views at night. It was still awesome to see at night though

Gone scuba diving - no

Kissed in the rain - Probably, considering here in NZ we easily have four seasons in one day, it is quite possible

Played in the mud - Absolutely

Gone to a drive-in theatre - Don't have them here in NZ

Been in a movie - nope

Visited the Great Wall Of China - Sadly no, that would be so awesome

Started your own business - Only a little little one

Taken a martial arts class - no, but do boxing training

Visited Russia - no

Served in a soup kitchen - no

Sold Girl Scout cookies - Here it is Girl Guides, and yes

Gone whale watching - not on purpose but have seen them when out on a boat, very cool

Got flowers for no reason - nope, although my daughter loves picking daisies for me at the moment :)

Donated blood - yes

Gone sky diving - no way, these people are also nuts

Visited a Nazi Concentration Camp - no and probably wouldn't, too sad

Bounced a cheque - yes, but not for many many years

Flown in a helicopter - no

Saved a favourite childhood toy - yes still have a couple of teddies and some wooden blocks which my little person now has

Visited the Lincoln Memorial - no

Eaten caviar - gross, think that gives you my answer

Pieced a quilt - Only a couple of squares, but do plan on making one this year

Stood in Times Square - no

Toured The Everglades - um again had to look this up to see where it was, so no. I guess this is the drawback from living in a small country in the middle of the South Pacific.

Been fired from a job - no

Seen the Changing Of The Guard in London - Sure have

Broken a bone - yes, my wrist. Not much fun

Been a passenger on a motorcycle - Sure have

Seen The Grand Canyon - no but would love too.

Published a book - nope

Visited the Vatican - Certainly have, pretty amazing place.

Bought a brand new car - not likely

Walked in Jerusalem - nope

Had your picture in the newspaper - nope

Kissed a stranger at midnight on New Years Eve - LOL yes

Visited the White House - nope

Killed and prepared an animal for eating - yes - fish on many occasions

Had chickenpox - yes and have the scars to prove it

Saved someone's life - no

Sat on a jury - no

Met someone famous - no, but said hello to Temuera Morrison one morning while going for a walk

Joined a book club - no, love books but don't always have time to read them

Had a tattoo - yes two

Had a baby - yes only the one at the moment

Seen The Alamo in person - nope

Swam in The Great Salt Lake - nope

Been involved in a lawsuit - nope

Owned a cell phone - of course!

Been stung by a bee - yes

Performed on stage in a capital city - no

That was fun to fill out, really made me think too :)


humel said...

So pleased you did this too, it's really interesting to see everyone's answers :-) (And I have done a bungee jump but I'm not sure I can argue with the bit about being nuts...!)

Seaside Siblings said...

pop over to my blog, I have a suprise for you.