Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Cara Jaye - warning, pic heavy :)

Today we celebrated Cara's 2nd Birthday, lots of fun was had by all. We are all now chilling out watching a Wot Wot's DVD. Cara is shattered and only slept for just under 2 hours, probably a wee bit too much sugar this morning. I think this household will be eating carrot sticks for the next week to make up for this weekend LOL.

Cradle made by her Dad, bedding made by me, doll made by someone in Germany

Fishing set in action

New Playdough

Cool cupcakes made by Mum

Easter Bunny made by Mum, even has choccies in it's tummy

We had family over for morning tea, great fun was had by all.

Right, now to go and sit down, watch a new Barney DVD and chill out for the afternoon.



Kelly said...

oh your bunny turned out great! Love the fishing set too - and playdough, well you can't go wrong with that! Sounds like a great day and at least it hasn't rained! Cupcake cake looks too good to eat ;)

Sally said...

What a brilliant day! ... and you're one totally awesome Mama! Love all the pressies that you've made, and the cup-cake 2 is super cute. That is the red-ist icing I've ever seen. Wonderful.

Happy Birthday Cara-Jaye.

Kylie said...

Love all of the hand made birthday goodies - well done. Happy Birthday and Happy Easter.

Claire said...

Oh how wonderful are all your creations!! LOVE the bunny & the cradle & bedding are beautiful. I hope your little one had a delightful birthday!!!

humel said...

So glad you had a good time - I hope your Easter was fab too xx

Gilly said...

Happy Birthday!