Sunday, September 5, 2010

Preserving and What Not!

This morning while checking out what new posts you amazing bloggers had made over night, I started reading this post and was drawn to it immediately by the beautiful wee wooden kitchen in it. Please take time to check out this blog, there are some really fabulous projects on it to do with the kids.

But what got me really excited is a new blog these ladies have started. It's called Putting Away Your Harvest. There are 5 recipes so far and I have plans to make all of them :)

I'm super excited by this blog because we are in the process of making new garden beds and getting ready for chickens. Previously I have only been able to grow enough for daily use, but I plan on growing ALOT more this summer :)

Yesterday Cara and I picked these Calendula flowers from our garden, I have really fallen in love with this plant and am going to grow and heap more. I swear it has not stopped flowering since I planted it, so there are always bright orange flowers in the garden year round.

I really want to learn what herbs etc I need to plant in my garden so I can treat various aliments etc. I already make my own hand cream, so would love to take it further. I've been lusting over a few books I would ideally like to get in the next month and as I have ALOT to learn.

If anyone can suggest any other books that would be good to read, or blogs, websites etc, suggest away.


Lisa said...

Hi Jo

Have you seen the book 'Companion Planting in New Zealand' by Brenda Little?

It's a really great little book and I refer to it often when doing my planting :-)


Cat B said...

Hey Jo thanks for the link to Putting Away The Harvest! I've bookmarked that one to visit again. How exciting that you are getting chickens! Ours are pecking their way around the back lawn as I type. I have all my seeds sitting next to me that I need to plant this weekend/week and that includes loads more calendula. We add the leaves to our soups, stews, salads and breads.
Happy homemaking honey xxx

Sam said...

how lovely! .. we endeavor to have a great herb garden, i like to cook as fresh as i can, and they have the bonus of helping health as well. - not sure on any books although i have a shelf full theres not one or two that stand out to recommend as yet - i may be back though :)

Nessa said...

I am brand new to having a yard in which to plant anything and I am canning my first tomatoes this weekend... so no advice just glad to have found you blog.