Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Getting Organised!

Who knew working from home would be exciting, stressful, rewarding and messy :)

My house is a tip, my craft room is covered with fabric, zips, cotton, interfacing, more fabric, coffee cups, books, toys. You name it, it's in my craft room. Oh and can't forget the stupid cat who likes to sit on everything I am trying to work on.

So in an attempt to get organised I stumbled across a man who makes cotton reel holders from home. While The Man can probably make one himself it is easier sometimes to pay someone to do these things for me (I'm sure a lot of you ladies out there can relate)

It's not super flash, but I'm sure it will work. I haven't received it yet (just rememered to pay).

He only charged me $20 for this wee gem and it will hold 56 reels of cotton which will then be hung on my wall (probably high away from little fingers). Fingers crossed it's the first step to some organisation back in my life - haha yeah right!

If you are interested in one yourself, look for Woodwise on Felt. He will custom make it for you so just ask on one of his other listings.


frangipani said...

These look like a great idea. I'm just getting into a bit of sewing. As my cotton collection grows so does the mess and tangle in the icecream container that i keep them in. I think I need one.

Cat B said...

Thank you Jo - I might just do that and tell him you referred me!

BTW we are preparing for 'magick' eggs which will arrive tomorrow! We have two clucky chickens ready to be Mummies! I'll keep you updated!

Anonymous said...

Organisation...that is something I want and need to get into also!!! I hear you on how crazy messy working from home is!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that info Jo. I wanted a reel holder for my birthday, but didn't get one. Now I can order my own :-)

Sally said...

I am on what seems like an eternal quest to become organised... will it ever happen?

You look like you've made a great start :)

miss~nance said...

I sooooooooooooooo need one of these. My mum had a small on ein hte top drawer of her sewing cabinet.

Fellow blogtoberfest participant here and a first timer to your blog. Hoping to get around to all blogs. Would love you to visit mine - I have just put up a giveaway post


Anonymous said...

That looks like just what I need! Could you post some action shots when you have it up on the wall? I might have to order myself a wee Christmas present :P