Monday, March 21, 2011

Last Summer Holiday for the Season

Well not quite summer has that officially ended 3 weeks ago, but we did make the most of the fabulous weather by going camping with some friends. It was our first time camping as a family and was a lot of fun.

I grew up knowing that every Christmas we would spend 3 - 4 weeks camping at our favourite beach. This is something I would really like to do with our family so we borrowed a tent and a few other bits and pieces and headed off for the night on Saturday.

First trip down to the beach

Testing the water

Classic builders crack shot

There was no hope of her staying on her bed

Beatiful view on Sunday morning after a short walk

Cara had an absoloute blast, we got there before lunch on Saturday and she ran the whole time we were there. She even ended up down at the beach before the sun was up on Sunday because she could hear the waves and wanted to go have a look. She was that knackered when we left that she was asleep after only 10 minutes in the car.

Now to start collecting our own gear, and here's to many more fabulous camping holidays :)

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