Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why Hello!

Oh my goodness I can't quite believe it's been nearly a year since I last blogged. Shocking!!!!

I have a good reason though, we celebrated the birth
of a new addition into our household in September. Now I know some fellow bloggers still manage to blog, but I do believe they are channeling some super power that no-one has told me about. Firstly I lost all my crafting mojo at the start of last year. Thankfully it is now back in full force but crikey I was worried there for a second.

Here is a photo of our lovely new daughter, Eden Nova. Born 16th September 2011

This photo was taken last week :)

I've also finally decided on a new name. Took me forever but then Jodulbug Creations popped into my head. Jodulbug is a nickname my brother calls me, has done since I was a baby. No idea why I never thought of using it before, but I guess good things to take time lol!

Hopefully you may have also noticed that I've gone all flash and got me a domain name. Super cool huh? I really hope I set everything right so followers of Crazy Crafter should be directed here, but I have been informed by a couple of people that some random has been posting on Crazy Crafter but I'm hoping that's all fixed now.

Well I guess I had better be off and work on a tutorial I'm planning

Hope you are all well, and look forward to catching up in bloggyland over the next few weeks

P.S - Please excuse the shoddy artwork at the top. My brain is not running at maximum so it's taking awhile to remember how to make a graphic ;)

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Cat said...

oh thank goodness it is you :) yes I've been getting all sorts of Astrology posts from a Richard under the crazy crafter link ;'(
welcome baaaaaaack ::))