Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Crafting Space

Along with adding to our family last year, we also added a pair of sheds to our back yard. Each shed measures 2.4m x 3m and have been named simply 'his' and 'hers'

Mine is of course for all my crafting endeavours. I spent many months researching ideas and feel I have achieved the perfect little hideaway in my back yard.

Under this shelving I can fit a whopping 10 60ltr containers. Just enough I reckon!

The man of the house hasn't quite finished his yet, but will be a great space for him to paint in.

Between the two of them we have built a wee garden for the girls called 'Fairyland'. Then on the other side of mine is the girls sandpit and a wee playground for them is on the other side of the man's shed.

I really love that in years to come I can hopefully potter around my little shed while the girls do their thing in the garden. So far so good with the eldest but it may be a bit different once the littlest is mobile and there's two of them out and about in the garden :)


Cat said...

sounds simply fabulous - would love to see photos of the fairy garden xxx

TheOtherSarah said...

I love it!