Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Creative Space - Swap Night

Wednesday nights in these parts is crafty night.   Myself and a group of fabulous friends meet up each Wednesday and knit, craft and whatever else we feel the urge for.

This year we have done a number of crafty swaps.  Last night we had a 'Mother's Day Swap'.  Gosh it was so so much fun.

Here is what I made my lovely friend Sarah.  There's a project bag made out of recycled blanket, rainbow gradient yarn dyed by me, polymer clay buttons, rainbow coloured pin cushion, crochet covered measuring tape, choccie and some more yarn.   I loved putting this together, but then I'm a sucker for rainbows and Sarah is such a wonderful friend it was easy decide what too make.

Here is my amazing gift from another great friend Sharron.   The coolest wall clock I've ever seen.  Rainbow of course but also in a flower shape.  What more could a rainbow crazed gardener ask for.  This will be taking pride and place in my studio.  There's also some lovely homemade lemon curd, a cool project bag and some choccie.   There was another packet of choccie but this got eaten last night lol.

Anyone feeling a tad jealous?   I'm so so lucky to have found a group of like minded ladies.  Not only do we love to knit and sew we have some bloody good laughs.  In fact I was brought too tears last night from laughing so much.   There's one slight problem though, I'm always absolutely shattered on a Thursday, but it's sooooooooooooooooooo worth it :)

Before I forget, I'm having my first yarn sale tonight on my Facebook page at 8pm NZ time.  Follow the link above if you would like to see what else is up for grabs.

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