Sunday, August 17, 2008

What a disaster

I am such a twat, I went to make a nappy today and didn't read the instructions. I stupidly snapped through the PUL, and microfleece when I should have only snapped the PUL. I checked out trusty TNN to see if they could be removed. Of course they can, but I did try and wrecked the PUL. So I will put it in my 'Learn from my mistakes' pile. I certainly won't do that again.

I started to knit some slippers for a friends son today. He is only three weeks older than Cara and is super cute. I used a smaller weight of wool (if that is the correct term), to discover that they will be way too small, his feet are huge compared to Cara's (typical male) so I will need to buy some more wool to make them. Oh no, not more wool.

I have only just started knitting but my stash is quite large already. I was going to try and make some woolen bags a couple of years ago with my Mum and forgot about all the wool that I brought then. She has since given it back to me, so now I have a nice selection. Unfortunately most of it is acrylic (bummer) and in the last month I have become a bit of a wool snob and only want to knit with 100% wool or pretty close to that anyway. It is so much nicer to knit, and looks heaps better as well.

Cara made her first proper sounding giggle today (we will call it that anyway). We were recording her so are pretty stoked that we got it on film. I will get around to uploading it at some stage and link it as well.

I am so new to blogging that I am still finding out what I can and can't do so you will need to excuse any foopars that I will no doubt make.

I managed to tidy up my craft room today after my sewing yesterday, so now it is nice and tidy. Let's see how long that lasts for :)

Bye for now

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