Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Creative Space

On today's menu we have Bunnies, lots and lots of Bunnies.

I have been frantic these past few days creating Bunnie Rattles for my first market. It has surprised me just how long working in mass production takes. I'm starting to freak out a wee bit because I haven't actually finished anything, but I'm hoping that by next week everything will come together and I will have a heap of crafty loveliness ready.

Since this photo was taken this fabric has been cut and there are bunnie body parts all over the place LOL.

Thought I would through this in as well, I'm not a great fan of orange but I love the intensity of this flower. From memory it is a Mexican Sunflower, I threw it in the garden and had no idea just how beautiful this flower would be. I will get a picture tomorrow of the whole plant, it's huge. I need to read up on collecting seed because it's an annual and I would love to have this in the garden again next year.

Head on over to Kootoyoo to see what other lovely crafty people have been up too.



Seaside Siblings said...

would love to see some pics of the bunnies when they are finished, the fabrics look devine.

Kirsty said...

Don't freak'll be great.

Susan L (lily40au) said...

your fabrics are gorgeous ... i can't wait to see what you make.

Gilly said...

Oh cant wait to see the bunnies!

humel said...

lol at the mental image of bunny body parts everywhere!! (Or is it cruel and unfeeling to laugh at the idea of a bunny massacre, even when the bunnies are cuddly fabric ones?!) Good luck, I'm sure it'll all come together in time x

Angie said...

Good luck with the market sewing (it's always a bit nerve racking)

I let lots of stuff go to seed in the garden & they just pop up again the following year (the too-lazy-to-collect-seed approach)

Brenda said...

Your fabric choices are gorgeous.....please show us all the bunnies before they find new homes!

Anonymous said...

What glorious fabrics for a wee bubby! And your sunflower most be such a boost on dreary Auckland days :)

Karen said...

I hope the bunny carnage sorts itself out for you and you get it all done.
Don't worry - there's always a phase when it all looks messy then it comes together.
Good luck!